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Do you need wheel or tyre alignment?

Is your car pulling to one side when you drive? Is your steering wheel off centre? Have you noticed your tyres are wearing faster than normal or are they wearing unevenly? These are all signs that your wheels are not aligned and that you need a tyre or wheel alignment. This is also known as wheel tracking and involves checking your tyres are flat on the road and parallel to each other.


There are lots of things that can knock your wheel alignment out. But whatever the cause, Abc Tyres & Wheels can fix it.

Low cost wheel tracking in Coventry

If you want to save money on your wheel or tyre alignment you should call us for a top quality service. Wheel tracking improves efficiency and handling as well as making your tyres last longer. Your car will also be safer on the road. You can get your wheels aligned today or when you come in for new tyres. And if you're unsure, particularly if you've recently run over something like a kerb or pothole, call in or phone 024 7644 9243 or 07891 551 115

Improve efficiency with wheel alignment

while making your vehicle safer and more comfortable.

For a wheel alignment service you can rely on call us on

Tel: 024 7644 9243

Mob: 07891 551 115

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